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A trip to the theatre
Dodano: 2018-12-20
On Wednesday form 6 of Bachmacka school went to the Electric cinema.

There was a theatre room. We went there for a performance with a title Macbeth. It was about knights and queens. There was a murderer. He wanted to become a king so he killed the actual ruler and said „I’m the king, so that country belongs to me”. But there was a prophecy about him: he must die when in his country a boy is born in another way than by a woman. I think that all the people in my class learned many things there. We could hear and understand what the characters were talking about. We could also learn the history of England. That trip was an idea of Ms Monica. She is our English teacher. In this performance we had a lot of fun. For example a person who was a witch was a man with long hair. I think that was the best performance I have seen. I think that you can enjoy it too.
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