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Dodano: 2018-10-29
A group of pupils from our school spent last week on a language trip to Kingswood
We took part in language classes conducted by English teachers. All participants received certificates and descriptive evaluations. In addition to language classes, we participated in sports activities: tournaments, climbing, rope park. Like every year we visited the beautiful Cathedral of Canterbury and  London. The trip was a great time to learn English as well as meeting new people from all over Poland and Europe.

From 20-27th October I was in Kingswood with my school and other school from Poland. I met lots of great people and made lots of friends for life. I ate lots of potato in lots of forms for example chips and fries. I had English lessons and other activities:  swimming,  leap of faith, aeroball, etc. During English lessons I got to know lots of new information witch is important and valuable. I recommend going to such trip because it was very helpful to learn English and I had lots of fun!  (Hania klasa 8)
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